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that was fun while it lasted

I've turned into a proper hipster...

2012-06-20 15:01:46 by BananaBreadMuffin
Updated here's some fuckin dope tunes for y'all.

Electric Guest - This Head I Hold
Sit back, don't think, get high
Take drink, sit back, don't think
The more I listen the deeper I sink

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect
And I love your hands, I let them lead me into the cage
So tender but your body was warm, so frail,
But your eyes like mine,
The color of ice

Alt-J - Taro
Do not spray into eyes - I have sprayed you into my eyes
Hey Taro!

Gem Club - Animals
I cannot recognize myself
My skeleton moves without me now

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
She knows what I think about
And what I think about
One love, two mouths
One love, one house
No shirt, no blouse
Just us, you find out
Nothing I really wanna tell you about no

Honorable mentions:

Ko Ko - Float
Stepdad - Must Land Running
Palms - Lake Marble Falls

And since I'd be a dick if I didn't source all my discoveries, they're mostly due to this guy: 039F90E

And if you're still breathing you're the lucky one

2012-03-26 17:05:44 by BananaBreadMuffin

A little new, a little old, a little popular, a little less known. Enjoy!

Purity ring - Belispeak (Dubstep / electro)
Grandma, my arms have wandered / And my legs, my little legs are getting weak

Daughter - Youth (indie / folkish)
Setting fire to our insides just for fun / To distract our hearts from ever missing them / But I'm forever missing him

Justin Timberlake - My Love (Pop / RnB)
If I wrote you a symphony / Just to say how much you mean to me / What would you do?

Kids And Explosions - There Is A Burning Ball Of Fire In Outer Space (mash-up / glitch)
BBBBro-broke without ya / Exce-Except when I cross over / Scared without ya / There ain't no com-coming back

Laura Marling - Blackberry Stone (Indie / Folk)
I'd be sad that I never held your hand as you were lowered / But I understand that I'd never let it go

Los Campesinos! - Knee Deep At ATP (Indie / indie rock)
And I know he took you to the beach / I can tell from how you bite on your cheek / Every time the sand falls from your insoles

New music

2012-02-18 08:03:18 by BananaBreadMuffin

well fuck da hatas heres some dope tunes for you nigz

Lanterns On The Lake - A Kingdom (indie/post rock, saw em supporting explosions in the sky a couple of weeks back)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (electro like justice/daft punk kinda shit)

SBTRKT - Hold On (electro/dubstep)

SBTRKT - Wildfire

Grimes - Vanessa (dream pop)

pity comments are banned


2012-02-08 07:59:31 by BananaBreadMuffin

all my youtube embeds are broken now :|


2011-12-26 07:24:25 by BananaBreadMuffin

Ghostpoet - Us Against Whatever Ever

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Ghostpoet - Cash and Carry Me Home

/* */
I'm splashin' water on my face,
Wake up lazy bones,
please just take me home
I'm out of my comfort zone,
the liquid's wearin' off , now I just feel alone

and also for all you phillistines who don't appreciate the shit that's good in life here's some stuff that everybody can get behind

/* */

Triangles are my favourite shape
Three points where two lines meet
Toe to toe, back to back, let's go
My love is very late
'til morning comes
...let's tessellate

/* */

Youtube links to follow when i'm less lazy

Wild Beasts - Hooting and Howling
The National - Fake Empire
Germany Germany - Just Go ft. Steffaloo
Germany Germany - Natural ft. Donne of TLGLTP
Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)
nervous_testpilot - Triumph
%u2020%u2020%u2020 - %u2020his Is A %u2020rick

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I am a unicorn

2011-08-31 09:55:29 by BananaBreadMuffin

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